A Day In The Life

Today I had my first job interview at best buy I was so nervous I felt like I was on a blind date or something ha ha. Anyway I didn't get the job today but he sad that he was very interested in me and really considering me and that he will call because things are always changing, Now I don't know if that's just code for "hell no we're not hiring you" but I'm pretty hopeful at this point... It would be nice working in and electronic store verses folding clothes and dealing with people who think they're shopping in Saks 5th! I love electronics whenever I get something new I love to spend a lot of time figuring it out and learning how to use it, and the fact that I'd get to work with music is thrilling! Don't get me wrong I love clothes but the thought of folding them all day makes my back hurt just thinking about it, But I'm not opposed to working in a clothing store I've done it before for a couple months and it was good some days and terrible some days just like any other job.


Spring Nail Colors

I am addicted to nail polish I love it I try to get at least one new color when I can! I've been into pastels lately I have no idea why I usually like dark blues, red, and black.
This is like a mint green I'm loving mint green right now!

This is a classic white something I do not have and I need to have it!

Lavender this is so pretty!

Baby pink I love baby pink polish right now!

Baby blue This is adorable!

Light grey I actually have this one and I love it i try not to wear it that often so I wont get sick of it.


I want to ride my bicycle!

I love Beach cruisers they're so cute! I have been dying to get one so I can ride it on the beach this summer :)
I love beach cruisers because they're so girly and vintage! of course mine would have a basket and a little bell. <3

This one is my absolute favorite! It's red!!

Rainy Days

Living in Los Angeles you never know what kind of weather you're going to get it could be 50 degrees one day and 90 the next!! So I like to take advantage of rainy gloomy days by relaxing, I love listening to Norah Jones on days like this! her music makes me feel cozy and peaceful. I'm in love with her song 'even though' it's so beautiful it's one of those songs that makes you want to twirl around in a flower field in beautiful dress. I'd love to see her in concert :)

Day Dresses

While browsing around on Pinupgirlclothing.com I saw some gorgeous vintage 1950's day dresses, I love anything vintage especially dresses! I adore full skirts and wiggle dresses. These beautiful dresses make me so ready for spring and summer!  These dresses are to die for, The models are gorgeous their curves are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!


Do you have the time?

Marc Jacobs Miss Marc watch (this watch is adorable)

Marc Jacobs ( I am definitely getting this watch!)

American Apparel
American Apparel
American Apparel
American Apparel

I am dying for a watch right now I don't know why but I am! These watches are beautiful aren't they?!

how high? thigh high.

I'm obsessed with crazy fun socks right now thigh highs especially!
American Apparel

American Apparel

Forever 21

I love forever 21 everything is so affordable and cute although the only two things that bother me is that what you see online you might not be able to find in stores or the fact they don't sell the clothes off of the mannequins when the clothes are no longer on the floor but other than that this is one of my favorite stores to shop in!

Where the heart is

I am a Los Angeles native I was born and raised here LA is everything I am I love it here the sun the people and Hollywood :) but I have always had a strong desire to move to new york city even though I have never been to new york I have always had some weird connection to it!

New york seems AMAZING the people the fashion!
new york is everything I want to be...


Rihanna - S&M (Loud Album 2010)

I can't wait until my camera is fixed this song gives me so much inspiration!

Smells like teen spirit

I may be late but I'm not really a trend follower anyway I tend to get to things after the trend is over! I'm obsessed with the whole grunge style I love flannels and black/ripped jeans!
here are some things that inspire my love of grunge!

Kurt Cobain (the god father of grunge Lol)


Lindsey Lohan in a flannel <3

Joan jett

Wayne's world

Grunge Essentials;
Doc Martens (These are on my must have list)
Black Jeans ( I would honestly wear black jeans everyday of my life)
Flannel (I have this exact flannel and red&black are my favorite colors so it's a win win!)

Converse (This may sound weird but I have been working since 9th grade to get my converse to look like this and they finally do!)
Leather jacket ( I still haven't gotten mine tailored)
Jean Jacket ( I absolutely HATED these jackets when I was a kid my mom would always buy them and I'd "lose" them now I love them).

P.s. Wayne's world is one of my favorite movies :)
and I promise to have better fashion inspiration post I'm still a newbie and my brain is a little scattered!