A Day In The Life

Today I had my first job interview at best buy I was so nervous I felt like I was on a blind date or something ha ha. Anyway I didn't get the job today but he sad that he was very interested in me and really considering me and that he will call because things are always changing, Now I don't know if that's just code for "hell no we're not hiring you" but I'm pretty hopeful at this point... It would be nice working in and electronic store verses folding clothes and dealing with people who think they're shopping in Saks 5th! I love electronics whenever I get something new I love to spend a lot of time figuring it out and learning how to use it, and the fact that I'd get to work with music is thrilling! Don't get me wrong I love clothes but the thought of folding them all day makes my back hurt just thinking about it, But I'm not opposed to working in a clothing store I've done it before for a couple months and it was good some days and terrible some days just like any other job.


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  2. honey!!!!
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