Smells like teen spirit

I may be late but I'm not really a trend follower anyway I tend to get to things after the trend is over! I'm obsessed with the whole grunge style I love flannels and black/ripped jeans!
here are some things that inspire my love of grunge!

Kurt Cobain (the god father of grunge Lol)


Lindsey Lohan in a flannel <3

Joan jett

Wayne's world

Grunge Essentials;
Doc Martens (These are on my must have list)
Black Jeans ( I would honestly wear black jeans everyday of my life)
Flannel (I have this exact flannel and red&black are my favorite colors so it's a win win!)

Converse (This may sound weird but I have been working since 9th grade to get my converse to look like this and they finally do!)
Leather jacket ( I still haven't gotten mine tailored)
Jean Jacket ( I absolutely HATED these jackets when I was a kid my mom would always buy them and I'd "lose" them now I love them).

P.s. Wayne's world is one of my favorite movies :)
and I promise to have better fashion inspiration post I'm still a newbie and my brain is a little scattered!


  1. Cool post, I like your inspiration! :)

    - www.itsanewkate.blogspot.com

  2. I like I like. Love early 90's fashion. As for grunge, if anything Neil Young is the God father of grunge, Eddie Vedder was the father, and Kurt Cobain was just the delivery boyXD.